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Caring For Mounted Plants

We've carefully selected easy-growing epiphytes (plants which grow in or on trees) that allow you to hit the ground running!

mounted platycerium bifurcatum 'staghorn fern'

Light: With any plant, adequate light is essential. Each of our mounted plants require bright-to-medium light, with direct sun limited to morning hours or dappled through the day.

Water: This part is easy, but requires a little getting used to. When the moss protecting the root system is totally dry to the touch, but the medium behind it remains pliable when pressed gently, it's time to gently water. Because mounted plants retain moisture at the core of their medium, you do not need to soak or submerge the mount. We find it easiest to take them to the sink & water there, with a few gentle passes from the faucet or watering can. Drip dry (we believe this is the real reason dish racks were invented) & rehang.

mounted peperomia angulata 'beetle peperomia'

Pro tip: If the moss protecting the root system is dry to the touch, but quite hard when pressed gently, you've waited a bit too long to water: Give your plant some extra water & remember to check in a little earlier next time.