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Where do you ship?

We ship throughout the United States! We're a licensed nursery & our greenhouse is inspected & certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture for delivery of live plants to all 50 states. We are not shipping internationally at this time.

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout according to region, weight, & carrier service.

Find more info about our shipping and order policies here.

What do you ship?

We ship live plants, growing supplies, & gifts. We are not currently shipping 6" or larger plants, those items will be listed "-Local Delivery Only. " 

My plants are here! What do I do now...?

Please check out our Unpacking Guide for tips on making your plant's transition to it's new home as successful as possible. If you already have a developed system for introducing plants into your collection, well, you know what to do!

I'm struggling to care for my plant, what's going wrong?

Don't worry, learning how to help your houseplants thrive is part of the fun! You can do this. We always recommend learning about the native habitat of a plant to gain insight on creating the best environment for them. Remember, plants grow and change as they respond to their environment. Yellow leaves or irregular growth patterns happen, it's totally natural and you are still a successful plant parent! If you're a new grower, think about starting small or with easy care plants: it'll be worth the learning experience, we promise.

If you ever have questions about caring for your plant or if you need coaching to help your plant adapt to it's new home, we're here to help!

Are your mixed-to-order potting mediums required for growing my plants?

Nope! We like these mixes for two reasons: because we've found they work really well for us and because we can make them available in small batches. We like to mix extra goodies into our potting mix which are commonly only available in larger quantities. Buying our potting mix means you're not stuck with too much potting medium and that your mix is always fresh.

Where do Arrows Aim plants come from? 

We propagate and grow most of the plants in our collection. You'll see a greater range in variety and size as we're able to make more of our personal collection available. The other plants we offer are sourced either directly from the grower or from greenhouses who emphasize social and ecological responsibility in their businesses.

Why is it important to grow your own?

We believe strongly in the rights of workers and in environmentally sustainable growing practices. We've found that propagating our own collection is the best way to guarantee our plants are grown under socially responsible and ecologically conscientious conditions.

I'm looking for plants that I don't see listed in your shop. Do you have other stock?

Oh yeah! We're always propagating new varieties and introducing specimens to our collection. Because propagation times vary so highly, we list plants as they come available. Check back regularly for new goodies or sign up for restock notifications on our product pages.

Do you grow organically?

Almost always! Under only the most extreme circumstances do we introduce non-OMRI controls to our growing practices. We believe this is important not only because we are committed to the health of the environment, but because we're committed to growing without affiliations with big-business chemical companies.

What is your company commitment to ethically produced products?

We do not stock growing supplies manufactured through exploitative labor processes, including prison manufacturing. We are committed to sourcing inventory in-house, from individual artisans, or from other small businesses. We feel the extra work and smaller profit margins are 100% worth it.

Donating 10% of profits is cool, but couldn't you do more?

You bet! That's the whole reason we're here (besides loving plants, of course). We're working to grow our business into a space which offers professional and entrepreneurial opportunities, at all levels of operations, to returning citizens and individuals impacted by incarceration through a worker-owned cooperative business model. Until Arrows Aim expands enough to offer those positions, we're donating 10% of profits from all sales to local and national organizations dedicated to supporting individuals and communities facing the impacts of incarceration. We project increasing that % in the next 2 years.