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Arrows Aim is a small team of growers with big feelings about houseplants. Cultivating and learning about plants, discovering varieties we're passionate about, and sharing that knowledge with others is what makes us tick. We hope to enhance the lives of others through growing, education, and by building connections between communities.


We support sustainability in horticulture and dedicate most of our greenhouse to the propagation and cultivation of our own collection. We're not just out here flipping houseplants. Our business practices center worker's rights, environmentally conscious pest and disease control, and responsibly sourced supplies and gifts. Growing houseplants should enrich our own lives and the lives of others.


And we're building for the future. One of our core goals is to grow our business into a space which offers professional and entrepreneurial opportunities, at all levels of operations, to returning citizens and individuals impacted by incarceration through a worker-owned cooperative business model. Sign up for email updates, or just reach out, if you'd like to keep up with us as we push forward to reach that goal.

Until then, we're contributing 10% of profits from all sales to local and national organizations dedicated to supporting individuals and communities facing the impacts of incarceration. You can choose where your 10% goes by mentioning one of these organizations in your cart notes, just before checkout: National Bail Out / Freedom Project / Arms Around You

We also encourage members of the houseplant community to donate to these organizations directly.

We are a proudly licensed Washington State nursery. Our greenhouse is regularly inspected and certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture for plant health and pest management. 

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