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asparagus plumosus 'asparagus fern' x tillandsia usneoides kokedama

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Kokedama is a delightful growing practice originating in Japan somewhere near 500 years ago. An exploration of natural adaptation & form, kokedama is our favorite way to incorporate living design into a space. Our kokedama are handmade in-house, using sustainable New Zealand sphagnum moss, an easy-care medium light plant, & an air plant, just for fun. Hangs from a 26" nylon line.

Provide indirect sunlight (never direct) & mist regularly. Like our mounted plants, kokedama can be watered by passing them under a gently running faucet.

Pro tip: Observe your kokedama's water retention by the balance in weight between the foliage & the moss ball. As the moss ball dries, the foliage becomes comparatively heavier & the two will appear equally balanced. If the foliage is heavier than the moss (the moss ball sits higher than the leaves), your kokedama is too dry!