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gnatrol wdg

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Gnatrol is a highly selective, organic biological larvicide used for the control of fungus gnat larvae. The bacterium (bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis) in Gnatrol water dissolvable granules (WDG) target fungus gnat larvae by interrupting their life cycle & preventing maturation. A fav in the greenhouse, Gnatrol is a professional alternative to mosquito bit tea, as it can be measured precisely & does not require soaking or skimming. Store in a dark, room-temp location.

All sizes are packaged in resealable, rainbow bags to help you celebrate the end of your gnats. Please download the safety & data PDF on this webpage for application information and other instructions.

-Apply using your regular watering schedule
-Light infestations use: 1 to 2 tsp/gallon water
-Heavy infestations use: 4 to 8 tsp/gallon water

-Will not control adult gnats
-OMRI listed for organic production
-Safe to use with other treatments
-Safe for use near people & pets