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mounted rhipsalis teres f. capilliformis 'old man's beard'

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We've mounted rhipsalis teres f. capilliformis 'old man's beard,' a tropical epiphyte commonly known as 'mistletoe cactus,' on a raw cedar plaque to mimic it's native growing environment in the nooks of trees. Unlike arid cacti, tender jungle cacti prefer bright, but indirect sunlight & to dry only partially between watering. Water when moss is dry to the touch but still soft, by gently running the moss covered root system under running water. Allow to drip dry & re-hang!

Care tip: If the growing medium behind the sphagnum moss has become hard or rigid when squeezed, the plant has become too dry between watering.

Plaque measures approximately 5" W x 7" H
Hangs from stainless steel eye hook